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101 in 1001 : Goals list!

I am sure that you have heard of this challenge. It was widespread the last two years and then sort of dwindled. I recently stumbled across some posts about this while I was looking at bullet journal ideas, and decided to throw myself into it. It took me longer than I care to admit to… Continue reading 101 in 1001 : Goals list!

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Traveling with a Preschooler

Recently my family and I decided to drive from Idaho to California to surprise my grandmother for her birthday. She had no idea any of us were coming, and I mean. Come on. Who wouldn't want to surprise their grandmother for their birthday? The last time we saw her was October of 2016, and that… Continue reading Traveling with a Preschooler


I am 1 in 4: Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month

I have never publicly shared this store besides to friends and family. I have never written about it, except for in a journal that only I will see. It is still hard for me to talk about. My husband and I have one daughter. She is the light of our life, and a wonderful little… Continue reading I am 1 in 4: Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month


When Your Toddler is Sick

My daughter rarely gets sick. I would say, maximum two times per year. She has allergies when Spring hits, but never lasts more than a day. She must have gotten more of her dad's immune system than mine, because I catch anything and everything that I get exposed to most of the time. I've always… Continue reading When Your Toddler is Sick

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My “Mom Bod” Struggle

Today my little family and I ventured out of the house to attend the Western Idaho Fair. My daughter was really excited about the animals, and the idea of rides. We also explained fair food. Funnel cakes, cotton candy, potato ice cream, sweet potato fries, and corn dogs. She could hardly contain herself. While getting… Continue reading My “Mom Bod” Struggle