When Your Toddler is Sick

My daughter rarely gets sick. I would say, maximum two times per year. She has allergies when Spring hits, but never lasts more than a day. She must have gotten more of her dad's immune system than mine, because I catch anything and everything that I get exposed to most of the time. I've always… Continue reading When Your Toddler is Sick

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Anxiety: From one Mom’s Perspective

Anxiety has been a part of my life for almost three years. Three years in December to be exact. I have dealt with panic attacks, secluding myself, being on medication, and being off of medication. It has been an adventure I would prefer to have never had to deal with in my lifetime. It feels… Continue reading Anxiety: From one Mom’s Perspective

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My “Mom Bod” Struggle

Today my little family and I ventured out of the house to attend the Western Idaho Fair. My daughter was really excited about the animals, and the idea of rides. We also explained fair food. Funnel cakes, cotton candy, potato ice cream, sweet potato fries, and corn dogs. She could hardly contain herself. While getting… Continue reading My “Mom Bod” Struggle

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Fitbit Blaze Review

My health/exercise journey has been amazing! I made sure to get my steps in, and was fairly good with eating.   I had been using a Garmin Vivofit 2 to track my workouts, and steps. I've had it since just after my daughter was born in 2014, and it had definitely seen better times. I… Continue reading Fitbit Blaze Review

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My encounter with PTC/IIH

My story starts in September of 2016. After working more than normal around commercial embroidery machines, I got a terrible headache. I had never had a headache this bad before. The smallest noise made it worse, and my head would pound if I stood up. I placed a cool washcloth over my eyes, and on… Continue reading My encounter with PTC/IIH