This Mama’s Wish list!

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Alright so I know all us moms (and dads) have things we wish we could splurge on for one reason or another. Most of the time we do the adult thing and save our money for whatever important thing we have decided to put it towards. I figured I would make a list of those items so that I don’t end up spending the money on them that we are needing to save for a house! I have linked all of them in case you find something you want to purchase for yourself, or a loved one 🙂

  1. Iphone 7 Plus   –  I have always been an Android fan, but the iPhone would work so much better for my blogging. With the apps, camera, and speed it would make everything much nicer.
  2. Harry Potter Mug – I am a HUGE Harry potter fan. I have all of the books, movies, and I am collecting the new illustrated books as they come out. I have mugs, jewelry, and other items as well. Another mug would just be nice to add to my collection. Plus, it’s super neat!
  3. Cat Yarn Bowl – This would make it so much easier to NOT get my yarn all tangled and messy. I love cats, and it’s made of wood! So with a toddler, it’s less likely to get broken.
  4.  Cross Necklace – I just LOVE this necklace. I think it is so pretty, and delicate. I don’t have one that I wear on a regular basis, and I think this would be a great one to have for that purpose.
  5. Journal Bible – So I have been looking for a journaling/creative Bible that would fit my needs for a long time. This one is spectacular! It already has some parts that are pictures to color/fill in/decorate, as well as large margins to doodle/note in!
  6.  Yarn Bag – I just thought this was interesting. You can have your yarn in the bag, loop the bag on your arm, and have free hands to crochet with.
  7. Crochet Lite Hooks – I have been admiring these since I saw them in an ad on Facebook a few months ago. They have lights at the end of the hooks so you can keep an eye on what you’re doing. For someone who wears glasses (like me) it is a huge help to have anything that assists you in what you are doing.
  8. Planner – My planner…is rough these days. It’s gotten coffee spilled on it, gross fish tank water, and probably a lot more that I am forgetting. It’s also almost finished as it stops in December. I’m in the market for a new one, and the one that I found I thought was just super awesome, and useful.
  9. Coffee Pot – I have a coffee pot. It works. But it is not working as well anymore. I would love to have a programmable coffee pot that I can set to make coffee at a certain time in the morning. Who wouldn’t love to wake up to the smell of coffee??


That’s it for my list! I’m sure there is more that I would love to have, but can’t think of.

What’s something(s) on your “I would love to have this” list? 🙂


8 thoughts on “This Mama’s Wish list!”

  1. I love your list…and I too have a “wish list” board on Pinterest! Great items! I crochet too and am undecided on the lighted hooks. I’ve heard they put a glare on your yarn as you are working it. The programmable coffee pot is great for having it pre-made when you wake, but if you sleep in or are a slow drinker, like me. You should know that most models, the burner auto-shuts off after 1 hour, leaving the pot to sit and grow cold!

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    1. Oh I didn’t even think to make a Pinterest board! I know what I’m doing today. Haha. My aunt bought the lighted ones and says they’re wonderful for when she wants to crochet, but my uncle wants to sleep. 🙂 I usually will only drink one cup a day! So I go for the 4 cup maker so that it’s not a huge amount of coffee!


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