A Day in the Life: Mom Blogger

My days can sometimes be very busy, and sometimes they are pretty relaxed. With a potty training toddler, and teaching our daughter, the days have been a lot busier lately. I decided to do a “Day in the Life” blog post on one of my busier days for fun!

21553030_10213972694421713_1953397608_n.jpgMy morning started with my toddler waking up, and immediately opening the curtains above our bed. She decided that because she was awake, everyone should be awake. What a sweetheart.

After my husband and I were woken up by the forced sunshine we decided to relax in bed for a while. Our daughter loves to cuddle in the morning, and we will take every chance we can to get some cuddles!

After our cuddles, we rolled out of bed and went straight into our morning routine. Our daughter is potty training so one of us took her potty while the other let the dogs out, and gets them their breakfast.


After that I started on my to do list. I love having a to do list every day because it keeps me on track with what needs to be done around the house. My to do list is kept on a dollar tree picture frame that I placed a piece of scrap booking paper in. It has worked very well, and it looks super cute! I keep it in my kitchen so it is front and center. Today’s to do list wasn’t too long, so it all went by fairly quickly. While working on the counters, I made a pot of coffee so I could grab a cup before getting ready for the day. I actually drink 1/2 caff Folgers, and it is delightful.

After doing my to do list, it was time to get the family ready for the day. On days my husband doesn’t work we will stay home, and enjoy some time as a family. On days that he does work, we get ready, and I go


over to my parent’s house where they run a home business. Today, was a work day. So we got ready, and left! Before leaving of course our toddler had a bit of a pout session because she didn’t want to get out of the bathtub. Such is the life of a toddler.

After getting to “work” for me, I got straight to it. It’s an embroidery business, so there’s a lot of product coming in and going out in one day. Today alone we did well over 200 pieces! It’s a great way for me to help bring in some extra money, and I don’t have to leave our daughter! (This is not to say that those who do put their kids into some kind of child care are doing something wrong. It just isn’t something that works for our family specifically.)

Lunch time! Lunch today was fast food. (I know, I know. But sometimes it’s convenient! & it’s not an “all the time thing”)

After doing embroidery for several hours it was time to go home! My husband leaves for work around noon, so he had already left at this point. We stopped by the grocery store first to grab milk, and a few other staples. I also love the lottery scratch cards, so I grabbed a couple of those. 😉

After getting home, it was time for some home schooling! We have been working on letters and numbers with our daughter by using some Baby Einstein videos, and flashcards. She has learned so much in the last few weeks, it’s amazing! She can tell us several letters by sight, and she can count to three! She’s also been going through a stack of animal flashcards and knows several such as kangaroo, rhino, chimp, chipmunk, and squirrel. She’s such a bright little girl.

For dinner we had leftovers. Addie is quite the picky eater, so she had some broccoli & cheese rice, and watermelon. She eats a lot of this anytime she has it. As other moms know, sometimes it’s really hard to get a toddler to eat. So whatever she will eat, I will usually give her. Within reason of course.

Starting around 7:00 PM, we will start bedtime. We will read several books, and lay in bed. She’ll fall asleep anywhere between 7:30 & 9:00. It can take a while to get her to go to sleep. We are working on her getting herself to sleep, but we aren’t quite there yet. & that’s OK. Then my husband will be off work and home around 11:20. We will let the dogs out one more time before giving them their dinner. 21552228_10213973028710070_382188720_n.jpg

The rest of my day/night will be spent writing my to do list for tomorrow, and spending some time with my husband before falling asleep. We don’t get a lot of time together throughout the day, so this time is nice for us to have. Thankfully he has a schedule where he works 4 days, 10 hours a day, and has 3 days off throughout the week.

Whether laid back or hectic, I love being able to spend my time doing things I love.

Lovingly Kylie (2)


8 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Mom Blogger”

  1. It’s so important to find what you love and do it. Sounds like you have an amazing work/home balance. Love that you’re still able to work and can take your baby with you! I homeschool too so I feel you on all that ❤️ Thanks for sharing your day!

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