Little Known Facts About The Manning Family

Hello lovely readers!

I was reading through a few of my posts, and I realized that I haven’t said a lot about us as a family. I thought that this would be a wonderful idea for you to get to know us better. 🙂

Some little known facts about the Manning family!

  • We love animals! We have three cats, and two dogs. As well as a beta fish.
  • We love to go on walks, and enjoy the fresh air! (Not right now due to some serious fires going on 😦 )
  • We have only been to four states together, including the state that we live in.
  • We are looking into adopting a baby within the next two-three years.
  • We love DIY projects, and are always looking for new ones!
  • We use a lot of humor when parenting.
  • Our daughter has more baby dolls than we can count.
  • My husband and I know all of the songs from Moana, and will sing them regularly.
  • The same goes for Trolls. There’s dancing involved when singing these.
  • I absolutely love watching cleaning videos on YouTube. Power hours, clean with me, etc. They are super motivating.
  • My husband and I also enjoy watching “Fails” on YouTube. They are hilarious. I have no shame.
  • We live in a “High desert area”, which means it’s super dry unless it’s the winter basically.
  • We have watched The Office all the way through over 4 times.
  • We will quote The Office, Futurama, and Rick & Morty to each other frequently.
  • We spend lots of time with extended family.

I will add more as I think of them, but this is us. 🙂 What’s a fun/not well known fact about you and your family?


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