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4 Must-Have Cleaning Products

I have a daily cleaning, and to do list that helps me keep my home clean, and sparkly every day. Not only does the list help me keep my home clean, but so do the proxy t’s that I have come to enjoy using, and appreciate. I have definitely found some favorites, and I am excited to share them with you!


  1. Method Glass & Surface Cleaner – I absolutely love the smell of this cleaner. It is strong enough that my home will smell like mint for a long time after cleaning. It works well on glass surfaces without leaving streaks, and on the counters for getting gross stuff off. I found that it works best with microfiber cloths, or paper towels.
  2. Method Foaming Bathroom Cleaner – This bathroom cleaner is Eucalyptus Mint scented. The Method brand has a real knack for having some great smelling products. It’s really hard to find a scent that we don’t like from them. Cleaning wise, this bathroom cleaner works wonderfully. It made our tub sparkle like new again, and it’s easy to keep clean now. It gets rid of mold, mildew, and and soap scum. It gets all of the stars in my book.
  3. 16618652Eureka Airspeed UNLIMITED Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum – We have had this vacuum for a few months now, and I will never use another vacuum again. It gets EVERYTHING out of the rugs, and works great on the linoleum. It has an easy switch to go from the floors, to the tools. It also comes with a handy little attachment that is like a mini-vacuum attached to the hose. It gets all of the crumbs, which there is a lot of with a toddler.
  4. Pine Sol Antibacterial – I went old fashioned for my floor cleaner. I have really been enjoying the smell, and it does a great job getting the gunk off of the floors. The fact that the one I bought was antibacterial was a bonus. It satisfies my inner germaphobe.

I don’t use many other products, and I am waiting to get a new mop. (Currently looking at the Hurricane Spin Mop.) These are by far my favorite things that I have found since becoming more invested in my house cleaning.

Are there any products that you swear by? Let me know! 🙂



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